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Choose the KSF level(s) you are looking for in the dimensions below (levels 1 to 4) – the results will show you the courses and modules that provide that level of content as a minimum:

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Training and Professional development services from Healthcare Alliances


Modules are the fundamental building blocks for courses and programmes – the list of modules is the full range of training and professional development that we provide – they are used to create courses and programmes (but are not date specific).

Courses are what we deliver – either individually or as part of a programme.

Programmes are one or more courses grouped together as a theme.

Both courses and programmes can be in-house (and, therefore, restricted to internal participants) or available for open booking by anyone.

In house courses

All of our modules, courses and programmes can be run in-house. Please click here for more information on in house courses and workshops.

CIPFA Accrediation

All our programmes are accredited by CIPFA (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy). There is no additional cost associated with certification.

Licensing of courses

A number of our courses, workshops and programmes can also be licensed so that you have the training and materials to deliver them using your own staff. Please click here for more information on licensing courses, workshops and programmes.