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Planning, Business Cases and Funding Bids

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 (9:00am4:30pm)

Bear Hotel , Cowbridge


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Module details


This course can be held in-house or can be run, on demand, as a public course. Click on either of the above links for more details (or contact us by email or phone 07977 492926 / 01446 774864).

This course considers the purpose and objectives of business cases and business plans, particularly how they can be used to develop services within the organisation.  The course will help you to identify, target and bid for funds. It is based on tried and tested business planning and marketing techniques and draws extensively on practical experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop successful bids for funding
  • Understand the needs of funders and stakeholders
  • Appreciate the importance of matching user needs and policy
  • Understand the links between inputs, outputs and outcomes
  • Be able to demonstrate quantified and qualitative benefits for users
  • Recognise the importance of governance and due process

Course Content:

  • The role of business plans
  • Long term planning
  • Linking aims and objectives to plans
  • Bids and business plans
  • Demonstrating benefits
  • Structuring, order and content
  • Involving users
  • Getting the message across
  • Style and readability
  • Funding sources
  • Marketing to funders


  • The group working and the interactive exercises were excellent
  • By following the steps bids become ‘doable' and lose lots of their horror - it all seems much more possible
  • Very well delivered with good exercises
  • It's taught me the importance of planning, looking at the prospective bid more holistically and of ‘selling' your idea to the funder e.g. not assuming that they know about your work or proposed service
  • Very thought provoking - this has great practical value

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  • I found all the course very useful
  • It's helped me know how to start the funding process and the obstacles that might be encountered
  • I now have a far better understanding of the funding process
  • Everything that I learned to today is extremely important and I feel I could now tackle a bid
  • Funding is a process and that by following these processes you can cover all that is necessary and a good quality application will result
  • Even though I realised that planning is vital, today has highlighted for me the importance of it
  • I found the whole course very interesting and it has given me much greater knowledge
  • I am now clearer in my thinking about approaching the provision of services
  • It was very interesting and informative - I have a lot to take away and think about
  • Extremely helpful - I may just retire now and start a new career preparing bids!
  • Very good teacher - straight and informative, nice use of discussion and examples
  • Well structured - good handouts - good exercises
  • It's given me more confidence to undertake further funding applications


Terry Dennis

NHS KSF Assessment

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1 Communication


2 Personal and people development:


4 Service Improvement:


5 Quality:


6 Equality and diversity:


Specific Dimensions: Information and Knowledge



IK1 Information processing:


IK2 Information collection and analysis:


IK3 Knowledge and information resources:


Specific Dimensions: General



G2 Development and innovation:


G3 Procurement and commissioning:


G4 Financial management:


G5 Services and project management:


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