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Negotiation and Handling Conflict

(Advanced Leadership and Management Programme)

Thursday, 9 February 2017 (9:00am4:30pm)

Grange Fitzrovia Hotel , Bloomsbury

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This course can be held in-house or can be run, on demand, as a public course. Click on either of the above links for more details (or contact us by email or phone 07977 492926 / 01446 774864).

Negotiation and conflict are major sources of stress and often have a major impact in the workplace. It leads to absenteeism, poor relationships, and increased staff turnover. It wastes time, energy and money. We often negotiate and cope with conflict using our own preferred approach, regardless of the situation. This workshop will provide you with a range of tools and approaches to negotiate and deal with conflict.

Learning Objectives:

  • Appreciate that the foundation of negotiation and conflict resolution is good communication skills
  • Identify different types of conflict
  • Understand your preferences for negotiation and handling conflict
  • How to say "no" without offending
  • Develop and practice skills for successful negotiation
  • Handle problem people
  • Appreciate that negotiation techniques can be used in many workplace situations

Course Content:

  • Effective communication: reflective listening & assertion
  • Seeing things from other people's points of view
  • Handling conflict
  • Dealing with difficult and aggressive behaviour
  • 3-part assertion model
  • Thomas-Kilmann negotiation model
  • Elements of successful negotiation
  • 5-step negotiation process
  • Negotiation scenarios


  • It has given me loads of ideas about how to deal with conflict
  • Made me understand how imporant listening is as a tool for dealing with people
  • It has helped be to be more assertive
  • I now appreciate the need to balance tackling or avoiding conflict
  • It has made me appreciate the techniques for understanding other people's point of view

Click for more feedback:

  • I learnt a lot  - the importance of clarity of communication and how to negotiate
  • Communication is key!
  • The power of silence, how to deal with a contentious colleague by just stating facts
  • It’s important to have options
  • Reflection and negotiation and assertion are key
  • I must keep to the point
  • The delivery was excellent, thoroughly enjoyable! 
  • I can’t wait to use some of the techniques
  • The course far exceeded my expectations
  • I need to carefully consider my reactions to conflict and take time to reflect
  • Made me aware of how important it is to listen and the importance of preparation and dealing with conflict
  • Reinforced why I deal with conflict in a certain way and how this may differ from others
  • It has made me look more closely at the behaviour of others and myself
  • I really enjoyed the case studies which made me realise there are always lots of different options in every scenario
  • It is important to be assertive – and to carefully consider the phrases/terms used in conflict/negotiation/assertion
  • Knowledgeable, interactive trainer
  • Thanks for one of the most interesting days ever spent on a course
  • I can do it!


Terry Dennis

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4 Service Improvement:


5 Quality:


6 Equality and diversity:


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