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Influencing Change - without authority or power

(Knowledge & Skills Courses (London))

Wednesday, 7 June 2017 (9:00am4:30pm)

Grange Fitzrovia Hotel , Bloomsbury

£330 or £990 for a package of 4 different courses

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Note 1: In-house courses can be based on specific organisational change projects

Note 2: Task orientated project management skills are the subject of the Managing Projects course

Module details


This course can be held in-house or can be run, on demand, as a public course. Click on either of the above links for more details (or contact us by email or phone 07977 492926 / 01446 774864).

A course for delegates to learn about the characteristics of internal change projects and to practice the skills and techniques to undertake them when you have limited personal power and authority.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increased personal success in change management
  • Understand the nature of internal change agents
  • Learn the characteristics of effective persuasion
  • Develop influencing skills and competencies
  • Practice powerful ways to communicate
  • Learn to build rapport & demonstrate empathy
  • Increased ability to influence others

Course Content:

  • Responding to needs and project types
  • Individual reflection on delegate’s own experiemces
  • Group exercise based on introduction of a new service
  • Relationship building
  • Group and individual practice of tools and techniques for developing good relationships
  • 3D Model
  • Structured interview framework
  • Executing the project
  • Analysing information, structuring findings and testing solutions


  • Some excellent exercises that sent powerful messages via their simplicity
  • It is a relief to learn that change management can be undertaken in a less process driven format
  • Apart from the fun, humour and networking it is always nice to relate a common situation and regular occurrences, and by applying the range of options be able to achieve more
  • It’s made me more aware of where people are coming from and to not assume anything
  • I appreciated the look, listen and speak model

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  • The key thing is to build relationships
  • It’s made me understand the importance of seeking a common language to communicate more effectively
  • It is problem solving exercise – it is not about management
  • It is important not to make judgements or assumptions about individuals you want to involve in a change process
  • It is important to adapt the project type taking into consideration the type of project, the organisation and personal style
  • “Keep your eyes and ears open and mouth shut!”
  • Communication must be 2 way
  • Use the 3D approach – determine interests, define motives, diagnose why
  • Speak economically – which is kind of not what you expect in terms of being influential
  • We need to move away from the solution – present the broad issue: capture all the elements
  • Being aware that when senior staff request information it is not a ‘test’
  • Be confident in what you know and find out when you don’t know
  • ‘Hold onto’ all options for as long as necessary/relevant
  • The rule of thirds was very useful
  • I will review the questionnaire I currently use in my projects
  • Step interview framework helpful
  • Diagnostic GOSPA really helpful
  • Slow down– think about the doing
  • Think first – remember that others do not think like you
  • Not only learnt from the course material but valuable experiences learnt about the art of communication from colleagues met on the course
  • New skills/techniques which can be used in many situations
  • Very thought provoking in encouraging introspective learning


Terry Dennis

NHS KSF Assessment

Core Dimensions



1 Communication


2 Personal and people development:


4 Service Improvement:


5 Quality:


6 Equality and diversity:


Specific Dimensions: Information and Knowledge



IK1 Information processing:


IK2 Information collection and analysis:


IK3 Knowledge and information resources:


Specific Dimensions: General



G1 Learning and develepment:


G2 Development and innovation:


G5 Services and project management:


G6 People management:


G7 Capacity and capability:


G8 Public relations and marketing:


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