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Excellence in Leadership and Management

CIPFA accredited courseThis is a CIPFA accredited course

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The Excellence in Management Programme is a quick and effective introduction to the fundementals of being a manager and leading the implemention of change in services or structures.

The programme offers a carefully tailored selection of aspects of leadership and management, including:

  • Principles of management including Myers-Briggs (MBTI)
  • Project management
  • Time management, managing meetings and the art of delegation
  • Business planning, business cases and funding bids
  • Managing teams
  • Change management - tools and techniques
  • Influencing change - without power or authority
  • Facilitating - encouraging ownership and commitment
  • Managing conflict and negotiation

The benefits include:

  • Enhance your managerial competencies, skills and knowledge
  • Develop a sound platform for developing as a leader
  • Improve services
  • Understand the links between inputs, outputs and outcomes
  • Become more effective

Note 1: if you are unable to attend a module, you can transfer to the next time it is held

Note 2: it is a rolling programme, so when a module has been held, another date for the same module is added to the programme

These courses can be booked individually (see price below) or as a programme. The cost of the whole programme is £1250.

Date Course Venue
14 Feb 2017 Managing Projects (£250)
(event completed)
Bear Hotel, Cowbridge
15 Feb 2017 Time Management, Meetings & Delegation (£250)
(event completed)
Bear Hotel, Cowbridge
14 Mar 2017 Leading and Implementing Change Successfully (£250)
(event completed)
Bear Hotel, Cowbridge
25 Apr 2017 Negotiation and Handling Conflict (£250)
(event completed)
Bear Hotel, Cowbridge
23 May 2017 Coping With Very Difficult Colleagues (£250)
(event completed)
Bear Hotel, Cowbridge
12 Jun 2017 Management, Relationships & Myers-Briggs (£250)
(event completed)
Bear Hotel, Cowbridge
20 Sep 2017 Planning, Business Cases and Funding Bids (£250)
(event completed)
Bear Hotel, Cowbridge

About the Programme

Improving as a manager is a personal journey. You have to experience it and there are no shortcuts. Therefore, putting your newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice and earning from that experience is at the heart of this programme. Gaining insight, adapting your ehaviour and changing the way you do things will be the result.

This project based programme of seven days, with a cohort of up to ten like-minded participants, will help you to:

  • embed the learning by applying it to the workplace
  • stimulate deep thinking through the constructive challenge of colleagues
  • develop your own support mechanisms through an action learning set
  • put your insights and personal experiences into context

To maximise learning we recommend that you have a live leadership issue, change process, management challenge or performance improvement project you can use to relate the knowledge and skills developed on the programme.

Summary of features

  • seven integrated modules
  • small-group based learning
  • confidential, safe-learning environment
  • content tailored to meet your needs
  • enhanced learning through a project-based approach
  • personal solutions to real, work related problems

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