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In-house courses and workshops

All of our Knowledge and Skills Courses and Workshops can be run as in-house events. It's also possible to license a course or programme to deliver yourself using staff that we train.

In-house courses and workshops can be run as standard modules or tailored to meet your local need.

The basic daily rate from 1 April 2016 is £750.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss holding an in-house course or workshop.


  • Note 1 there is an additional charge of £5 (one day) or £10 (two day) per delegate to cover materials.
  • Note 2 these costs are on the basis that venue costs are met by the client.
  • Note 3 the standard rate is for the delivery of a course or workshop without material amendment; there could be an additional charge for courses and workshops which are amended significantly to take account of local circumstances (normally about an extra half-day).
  • Note 4 travel and subsistence costs are extra – but there is no charge for travel time.
  • Note 5 fees and expenses are subject to VAT.
  • Note 6 four square metres/yards per delegate is required.

Free in-house training!

We can provide the potential for you to receive in-house training at no cost. The way it works is as follows:

  • Book an in-house training course to be run at a cost of £375 including travel and materials for five delegates
  • We then market the course externally. Every external delegate that we attract reduces your cost by £50.
  • You can also market the training externally or internally, to recoup the costs.

At best, the training will be free for you. At worst, it will cost no more than sending your delegates on external courses (and saves their travel costs).

The prices are based on venue and catering facilities being provided in-house.

Please contact us to discuss this option.

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