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Run Your Own Training Courses and Development Programmes

LicenceS for the use of Healthcare Alliances’ courses and programmes

You can access materials to run your own training and development courses and programmes – either in-house or commercially.

The one and two day courses available for licence are as follows (click on a link for more details):

About Healthcare Alliances

Healthcare Alliances is a professional development and management training practice run by Monica Dennis and Terry Dennis. Monica is a children's nurse and Terry is a Chartered Accountant. Prior to establishing Healthcare Alliances 1998, Terry was initially an Associate with Deloittes Management Consultants and then headed up the national health care practice of Grant Thornton.

We now undertake a wide range of consultancy work in the NHS, social care and the voluntary sector and provide a wide range of professional development and management training services. Our main focus is now on training and development. Over that time we have developed over 40 courses and development programmes.

The Licence

Healthcare Alliances (the licensor) is willing to grant a licence to an individual (the licensee). (The licence is granted to an individual, not to his or her employing organisation - the reason is that training is provided to the individual to deliver the course or programme in order to ensure consistency of delivery and quality of service).

The licensee has the right to deliver the course or programme without limit during the period of the licence.

Depending on the type of licence (occasional, short-term or long-term – see later) Healthcare Alliances will provide:

  • Free telephone and email help, support and advice
  • On-site help, support and advice, for a fee
  • Periodic updates of the material

In order to maintain the quality of the courses and programmes, the potential licensee must make themselves aware of how the content is delivered prior to the grant of a licence. This will be by:

  • Either, attending the course or programme when it is run publically by Healthcare Alliances. No charge will be made.
  • Or, arranging for the course or programme to be delivered on-site/ in-house by Healthcare Alliances. Normal Healthcare Alliances fee rates and costs will apply.

In addition, if required, Healthcare Alliances will attend a course being run by a licensee in order to observe, provide feedback and assistance. This would be in order to develop the skills of the licensee. Normal Healthcare Alliances daily fee rates and costs will apply.

Material is provided electronically: PowerPoint, Word and pdf files. Licensees will, therefore, need the hardware and software to use the material and to produce handouts. A small number of courses require other facilities, such as Excel or video camcorder – these requirements will be made known at the time of application.

Types of Licence

There are three types of licence:

  • Occasional use
  • Short-tem (two years)
  • Long-term (in perpetuity)

Occasional use licences are designed for ad-hoc courses or programmes. There is a low initial fee, and an additional fee is payable each time the course or programme is run.

Short-term licences are for two years during which time the course or programme can be run an unlimited number of times.

Long-term licences enable courses to be run without limit, subject to payment of the annual update fee.

[Note: because our main business base is near Cardiff, it will be more appropriate for bespoke licenses to be granted to individuals based in Wales - please contact us to discuss options]


The fees for the licenses for individual courses are as follows:

  • Occasional use: £860 initial fee plus £86 each time the course is run
  • Short-term: £1,720 one-off fee – free updates
  • Long-term: £3,520 one-off fee – free updates for the first two years; annual fee of £172 thereafter

Fees for programmes are agreed on an individual basis, but will be consistent with the above rates.


  • All fees are subject to VAT.
  • All fees are based on the 2008/9 daily fee rate of £860. The fees will change each year pro-rata to the changes in the daily fee rate.

Breaches of the Licence

If any of the following occurs:

  • A course or programme is run after the licence period has expired (short / long-term licence);
  • A course or programme is run when the update fee has not been paid (long-term licence);
  • A fee is not paid for the running of an occasional use course or programme (occasional licence);
  • A course or programme is run by anyone other than the named individual (all licences);

then the equivalent of a long-term one-off licence fee will be payable immediately.