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Writing for Funding

Writing a bid is the most common way in which the statutory and voluntary sectors apply for funding. It is, therefore, essential that the written word is crisp, clear and concise.


  • Appreciate the importance of writing style and structure to match funders’ requirements
  • Plan the structure of a bid
  • Decide how to pitch the bid to appeal to the funder
  • Practice editing a bid to make it more appealing

Course Content

  • Getting the message across
  • Structuring, order and content
  • Style and readability: purpose, tone, formality, readability and understanding
  • Pitching it to funders: taking the reader with you, focus and balance
  • Writing the document: process, planning, roles, structure, quality assurance


  • It helped me to learn to use clear thinking and structure
  • The proforma on how to write the bid and the practice in writing components of the bid were really useful
  • Very thought provoking. With every exercise I was changing my mind on how I would word things so that it was interesting for the reader
  • It was good to use real examples of bids
  • The whole process highlighted the need for being short/sharp/pithy and aiming it at funders
  • It was all useful, good pace and interesting
  • I learned lots, mostly about being focused and concise, which is something of a challenge for me.
  • It was all so interesting! Writing for funding was my most pressing development need – so great that I found this course

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  • Lots of good prompts - do's and don'ts
  • With practice, improvements can be made
  • Taught me how to look deeper and ask more questions when planning
  • Made me step back and look at it from the view of the funder
  • I must start with benefits to organisations/funders and the links to their strategy
  • Emphasised that information should be concise and focused
  • Very useful session on specifying outcomes, outputs and inputs
  • Made me think more about why we want the funding, and the purpose of the plan
  • Food for thought - writing the whole bid will be a challenge, but at least the groundwork is there and I have information to look back on
  • Very informative and enjoyable
  • Today will help me to get my message across to the funders - all in the first paragraph
  • It will help me to improve my style of writing the content and make it readable
  • I am now not frightened to start
  • I can see all sorts of applications as well as funding
  • I cannot identify a disappointing aspect of the module
  • A very good, well paced, informative day
  • The practical exercises were good - they seemed hard at the time but I always see the benefit when its been completed
  • Useful check sheets



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