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Effective and Persuasive Writing

This course can be held in-house or can be run, on demand, as a public course. Click on either of the above links for more details (or contact us by email or phone 07977 492926 / 01446 774864).

Writing, both formal and informal, is the most common way in which professionals and managers communicate. It is, therefore, essential that the written word is crisp, clear and concise.


  • Appreciate the importance of writing style and structure
  • Plan the structure of a report
  • Decide how to pitch a piece of writing to appeal to its audience
  • Practice editing a piece of writing to make it more effective
  • Be aware of when, and how, to use graphics to enhance the message

Course Content

  • Getting the message across: overview, principles and experience
  • Structuring: lists and techniques; order and content
  • Content: descriptions, analysis, conculsions and signposts, topics and priorities
  • Style and readability: purpose, tone, formality, readability and understanding
  • Pitching it to audiences taking the reader with you, focus and balanc
  • Writing a report: process, planning, roles, structure, quality assurance
  • Using graphics: types, purpose, characteristics, objectives, appropriateness


As part of the course, you will have the option of working on generic material. Alternatively, there will be several opportunities to work on a written document (preferably a report) of you own choice. If you wish to work on your own document, please bring some information about it with you (perhaps an early draft, or working notes, etc).


  • It was very helpful to realise that there is no right way, we all have our own style, but we can learn from others
  • Very thought provoking. With every exercise I was changing my mind on how I would word things so that it was interesting for the reader
  • I have gained confidence and have moved out of my comfort zone
  • Excellent course, content, structure, pace and quality of information and handouts
  • The course has built on and expanded my knowledge

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  • I now appreciate the need to focus the on the reader’s perspective – what’s in it for them
  • Lots of new tips, ideas, approaches, etc
  • Loads learnt – increased my skill level
  • I will now use a more structured approach to report writing
  • It is better to involve more than one person to produce a structure
  • Be concise when writing
  • I realise that writing more effectively will take time and effort and involve other people in reviewing your work and you learning from it
  • Good overview and method of delivery.
  • Enjoyed the application of anecdotes to illustrate points which made it come alive.
  • Very good examples used to illustrate the main points.
  • Useful points on how to start, take time, collect all facts, use logic and prepare well.
  • Excellent tips and hints to aid effective writing
  • Useful to bounce ideas and structure off someone else, particularly if they are not familiar with the subject.
  • The practical exercises demonstrated the value of the discussions
  • It’s important to determine why I am writing a report and what I want to achieve.
  • Do not assume knowledge and be succinct with facts.
  • Many light bulb moments, like the check lists and supportive information
  • The practical examples were extremely useful and helpful.
  • Following a structure has real benefits that aid the reader, who will only read the first five pages of a report!
  • Enjoyed the use of the structure to pull ideas together, would not have approached it in such a way previously, will now use elements of the structure when writing summaries
  • “Less is more”
  • Excellent – good teaching methods used
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It covered practical skills that you would use every day, but have never really been shown how to do correctly – will certainly recommend
  • Very useful last exercise. Found that by employing all of the lessons learned over the past two days became very useful


Terry Dennis

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1 Communication


2 Personal and people development:


4 Service Improvement:


5 Quality:


6 Equality and diversity:


Specific Dimensions: Information and Knowledge



IK1 Information processing:


IK2 Information collection and analysis:


IK3 Knowledge and information resources:


Specific Dimensions: General



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