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Coping With Very Difficult Colleagues

This course can be held in-house or can be run, on demand, as a public course. Click on either of the above links for more details (or contact us by email or phone 07977 492926 / 01446 774864).

Your enthusiasm and sense of well being are drained when you have to deal with difficult colleagues (bullies, manipulators and intimidators) and negative behaviours. You become distracted and unable to concentrate. This course will help you how to look differently at the situation and, therefore, deal with it more effectively to achieve a calmer working environment.


  • Learn about the range and causes of difficult personalities
  • Be able to spot warning signs of stress and bullying
  • Understand why your reactions can inflame the situation
  • Develop practical actions
  • Learn what you should not do
  • Appreciate that the perpetrator needs help

Course Content

  • Stress and bullying in the care environment
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Personality disorders and bullying
  • Communication barriers and listening
  • Assertiveness
  • Coping with difficult colleagues
  • Other responses
  • The "Power of the Coat"
  • The "Power of the Crowd
  • Group polarisation


  • This course will involve the use of confidential case studies.


  • Very helpful to share and network with a diverse group of colleagues who are all facing similar challenges with difficult colleagues
  • A fantastic day - lot's of food for thought
  • I am not alone
  • Made me realise that I need to plan and give thought to facts and how to deal with issues
  • It was reassuring to hear other people's experiences and realising
  • Gave me insight into why people behave the way they do and that it is not always mindful arrogance
  • Protected time for reflection and sharing problems - excellent

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  • Brilliant course targeted at a level I could understand
  • Well structured and met all my expectations
  • Good techniques for how to deal with confrontation
  • A thought provoking and inspiring day
  • The trainers really cared about the delegates
  • Constructing non-judgmental statements was very powerful
  • Stimulating


Terry Dennis

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