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How On-Demand booking works

Choose a course or courses that you are interested in attending.

Contact us by email (or 07977 492926 / 01446 774864) and we will agree a date(s) to hold the course(s) that is convenient to you.  The default location is Cowbridge, near Cardiff.  But you can choose another location or to hold it at an in-house venue.

We will then advertise the course in our monthly newsletter.

If we receive sufficient bookings, then the course will be held as a public course as planned.  If there are insufficient bookings, we will offer to run the course in-house and you will be able to invite up to five colleagues to attend, at no extra cost.

The cost of a day's on-demand training is £250.


Time Management, Meetings & Delegation

Lots of insight and information about communication, task management and time management

Managing Projects

It made me think about the problems I am having with my project and gave me useful tools to address them

Planning, Business Cases and Funding Bids

By following the steps bids become ‘doable' and lose lots of their horror - it all seems much more possible

Leading & Implementing Change Successfully

Breaking change down into small steps makes it much more manageable

Negotiation and Handling Conflict

It has given me loads of ideas about how to deal with conflict and made me understand how important listening is as a tool for dealing with people

Coping With Very Difficult Colleagues

Fantastic day - lots of food for thought

Effective and Persuasive Writing

Very thought provoking – with every exercise I was changing my mind on how I would word things so that it was interesting for the reader

Influencing Change – without authority or power

Excellent exercises that sent powerful messages via their simplicity

Management and Relationships including Myers-Briggs

It’s given me a framework of how to nurture staff through change

Powerful Presentations with Confidence

I have had positive feedback and been asked to make further presentations - the course was fantastic!

Team Based Working

Working through the 7 stages sequentially provoked a lot of thinking and discussion of issues - it provided a context for teams and team work, and generated practical ideas which I can implement at work

Group Facilitation Skills

A brilliant course - I got loads and loads of tools I can try with different groups


Terry Dennis

Current courses using this module

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