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NHS & Social Care: October 2015


Patients cancel nearly half of all postponed procedures

In 2014/15 in Wales 81,606 procedures were postponed and 38,990 were postponed by patients.

Lung cancer in local areas across Wales

Analysis by the Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit of lung cancer figures in local areas in Wales has found that most areas have similar patterns of lung cancer.

NHS Wales GP IT Services

NHS Wales GP IT Services - The new technology supports care closer to home and makes more digital services available.

Chronic conditions added to general practice population profiles

Population profiles for general practices in Wales published by the Public Health Wales Observatory in June 2015 have now been further developed to include information from practices’ chronic condition registers.

Eye care in Wales

Findings of a new report show that high quality eye care is being offered across Wales, particularly in areas of high deprivation.

My Health text reminder service

Over two hundred GP practices in Wales are now using a text reminder service following a successful pilot in the summer.

Extended deadline for people to claim for continuing healthcare funding

The deadline for people to make a claim if they believe their ongoing care should have been funded by the Welsh NHS is being extended.

Cross-border health arrangements between England and Wales

This DH document outlines the UK government response to a report on cross-border health arrangements between England and Wales. 

20 Blogs for 20 Years

The Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care is 20 years old this year and has invited 20 people to write short but insightful blogs on aspects of current interest to thoughtful observers of health and social care in Wales.


Spending priorities for an ageing society

This Fabian Society report calls for radical new measures to tackle the challenges of an ageing population

Estimation of future cases of dementia

The findings in this Alzheimers report are that one in three people born this year will develop the condition during their lifetime.

Creating a sustainable 21st century healthcare system

This ILC report highlights how a ‘perfect storm’ of demographic and wider economic and social trends are converging to push up the cost of healthcare across the globe.

Psychological therapies and parity of care

This JMC Inform report looks at mental health generally, before focusing more particularly on access to psychological therapies for adults.

Personal care and support for older people living in their own homes

This guideline covers the planning and delivery of person-centred care for older people living in their own homes.

Collaboration between charities and pharmaceutical companies in the UK

National Voices has published a guide to support transparent and effective engagement between the pharmaceutical industry and charities

Valuing health and care

The National Voices paper considers how new frameworks and measures of value can be created to assess financial, social and person-reported outcomes.

The use and impact of charges by councils providing support to unpaid carers

This Carers Trust report finds that a growing number of councils are considering charging carers for the support they receive, putting them in financial difficulties and at risk of ill health. 

European health report 2015

The WHO report, published every three years, gives a snapshot of health in the WHO European Region. 

Progress in neurology since 2012

This NAO briefing explains the key findings of its review of neurology services.

Healthcare fraud

This PKF Littlejohn report shows what the cost of fraud to be in each main area of NHS expenditure – payroll, procurement, GP, dental, optical, and pharmaceutical services, as well as losses to income from patient charges. 

Culture assessment tool

This Kings Fund tool helps organisations to assess their culture, identifying the ways in which it is working well, as well as the areas that need to change.

Interventions to promote the mental wellbeing of older people

NICE has produced this evidence update which focuses on a summary of selected new evidence.

NaTHNaC Launches TravelHealthPro

Travelhealthpro contains a wide range of travel health resources for both healthcare professionals advising travellers and for travellers themselves going overseas from the UK.

Primary care myth busting

The third in the series of the NHS Confederation's myth busters dispels myths about primary care in the NHS.

Rethinking cancer

This ILC report quantifies the cost of cancer to the UK economy, its families and its communities.

Europeans' preferences on electronic health data storage and sharing

This RAND Europe briefing summaries the evidence from one of the largest-ever surveys of views across Europe on security, surveillance and privacy issues in the storage of health records 

Removing the barriers to excellent patient care

This RCP report outlines many of the structural and systematic challenges faced by patients whilst presenting a vision of how to reform and improve the systems and structures that underpin the NHS.

Communications in health care improvement

This Health Foundation toolkit contains practical actions to harness the power of communications make improvements.

Future demand for skills

This CFWI report outlines the interim findings from Horizon 2035, which considers the possible impact on the health, public health and social care workforce in the future. 

Law Commission consultation on deprivation of liberty safeguards

The Law Commission has a consultation open on mental capacity and the deprivation of liberty safeguards which is open until 2 November.

Promoting physical activity for children and young people

NICE has produced an evidence update on Promoting Physical Activity for Children and Young People.

Better support for young adults with life-limiting conditions

report compiled for Children’s Hospice Association Scotland calls for improved training and ongoing support for young adults living with life-limiting conditions, their families and health and social care staff.

The attitudes and behaviours of older people living with cancer

This report, commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support and carried out by Ipsos MORI, has found that older people are no more likely to refuse cancer treatment than younger people. 

'No apology' tops patient complaints

Not getting a good enough apology when things go wrong was the reason behind 34% of cases investigated by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman in 2014-15.


Handling negative feedback

Dick Grote: listen, don't get defensive and ask for time.

How to give feedback to someone who is defensive

Holly Weeks: clear content, calm tone, and neutral phrasing.

How to get feedback when no-one is giving it

Karie Willyerd and Barbara Mistick provide tips on how to get feedback as a senior manager when informal and formal feedback is less likely.