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NHS & Social Care: May 2016


Health care and the Welsh elections  

Mark Dayan analyses the performance of the Welsh NHS and compares the main political parties' pledges for health and social care. 

Measuring the health and well-being of a nation

The recently published Public Health Outcomes Framework sets out 13 key health outcomes which organisations in Wales will be encouraged to contribute towards to improve population health.

Innovation exemplars

This is the link to the Bevan Academy for Leadership and Innovation exemplars.

Transition to adults services for young people

This transition guide has been prepared by Cardiff Council in conjunction with other inter agency groups and partners to help young people through the transition process.  

European funding catalogue

The International Health Development Division has produced a funding catalogue linking key EU funding opportunities to Wales’ health and well-being priorities.

New Chief Medical Officer

Dr Frank Atherton has been appointed Wales’ new Chief Medical Officer. Dr Atherton is currently Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health in the Department of Health and Wellness in Nova Scotia.

My Health Text to trial GP appointment cancellations

trial is taking place of an added feature to the GP My Health Text service which will allow patients to cancel appointments by text.

Physiotherapists up for top award for back pain scheme that’s cutting waiting lists

pilot scheme developed by Gwynedd-based physiotherapists Cathy Wynne and Rob Caine, for people with severe back pain which is cutting GP workload and hospital waiting lists,, has been shortlisted for the Advancing Healthcare Awards.

Conferencing software helps critical care clinicians

A team of critical care consultants and practitioners, known as the "Flying Doctors", are using conference software supported by NWIS to improve their service.

Wales set for new fairer, stronger, sustainable social services system

law has come into force which ensures people have the right to support services, gives carers greater rights and strengthens powers to safeguard vulnerable children and adults.

Clinicians to find patient information more easily

Open source search technology is being introduced in NHS Wales to make it easier for hospital doctors to find information about their patients.

New teams to support people with mental health needs

New dedicated teams of staff to provide hands-on support for people with mental health needs are being set up in Welsh hospitals.

Public health and policing project

A ground breaking intervention and crime prevention project centring on a public health approach to policing has secured funding through the Home Office Innovation Fund.

Significant decrease in antibacterial prescribing across Wales

Public Health Wales reports that there has been a significant decrease in antibacterial prescribing in secondary care across Wales.

Reduction in emergency admissions and hospital stays for diabetes patients in Wales

The number of people with diabetes admitted to hospital in an emergency has fallen by 5% in the last five years according to this report.

More NHS eye care to be provided in local communities in Wales

People who have had cataract operations and those with suspected glaucoma will now receive follow-up treatment and checks at their local optometrists instead of in hospital.

Liver cancer drug Sorafenib to be made available in Wales

The only medicine licensed to treat the most common form of liver cancer will be available on the Welsh NHS.


Meeting the physical health needs of people with severe mental illness

This research explores current service provision and maps the evidence on models of integrated care addressing the physical health needs of people with severe mental illness within the mental health service setting.

The voluntary sector's and health and care transformation

This NPC research assessed the findings of 175 evaluations into how the voluntary sector' can be integrated into the health and care system of the future. 

Dementia and comorbidities

This ILC-UK report  argues that a failure to prevent, diagnose and treat depression, diabetes and urinary tract infections in people with dementia could cost up to £1 billion a year. 

Independent sector provision of NHS healthcare

This BMA report argues that the independent sector should be subject to the same robust standards as NHS providers.

Mental health and criminal justice

With extremely high rates of mental ill-health among the prison population, this Centre for Mental Health report draws on experiences from across England and Wales to determine the way forward for improvement. 

Mental health services: improving access

This NAO report finds that the Department of Health and NHS England are making progress, particularly in setting priorities and national leadership.

Antimicrobial stewardship quality standard

This NICE quality standard aims to help health care professionals and organisations tackle the problem of antimicrobial resistance. 

The Buurtzorg Nederland home care provider model

This RCN briefing looks at the successes of the Buurtzorg model, while also identifying some of the challenges which would need to be addressed if the UK were ever to adopt a similar system approach.

Transition between hospital and community or care home settings

This NICE consultation seeks feedback on a draft quality standard which aims to improve the quality of patient transitions between hospital, community and care home settings.

Unsafe staffing

This UNISON report presents the results of a survey of nursing professionals and it finds that almost 63% said that they felt there were inadequate numbers of staff on the wards to ensure safe, dignified and compassionate care. 

Smokers and overweight patients

This RCS report explores how widespread the practice of restricting surgery is based on weight or smoking status.

End of life care audit

This RCP report shows that there has been steady progress in the care of dying people in hospital since the previous audit carried in 2013.

Six ways in which NHS financial pressures can affect patient care

The King's Fund considers the six ways in which patients can experience issues in access to care.

Nursing Revalidation 2016

Revalidation is the new process that all nurses and midwives in the UK will need to follow to maintain their registration with the NMC.

Global urban health

This WHO report uses data on the health of city-dwellers in almost 100 countries and it shows that as the world's urban population continues to grow, health inequalities - particularly between the richest and poorest - present a persistent challenge

NHS workforce policy in the English NHS

This Health foundation report gives an overview of the workforce policy in the English NHS and argues that government and national leaders need a radical new approach to inspire an NHS workforce that is often stressed, stretched and disaffected.

Cost-effectiveness thresholds for decision making

This OHE  report  sets out the views of a selection of experts in the fields of health and welfare economics on the cost-effectiveness threshold used by NICE to decide which new medicines to recommend.

Improving the patient experience through the health care physical environment

This HPOE guide explores ways hospital and health system leaders can use the physical environment to improve the patient experience.

Global report on diabetes

This WHO report shows that the number of adults living with diabetes has almost quadrupled since 1980 to 422 million.

Tackling the challenges facing the NHS

This King's Fund briefing identifies three big challenges for the NHS in England: sustaining existing services and standards of care; developing new and better models of care; and tackling these challenges by reforming the NHS from within. 

Transfers of premature and sick babies

This Bliss report highlights the challenges faced by neonatal transport services which are often under-staffed, under-resourced and part-time.


Fending off colleagues who keep wasting your time 

Dorie Clark: Clarify the request and have a conversation instead of a phone call or email.

How to handle the pessimist on your team

Jennifer Porter: Powerful tips on how to prevent repeated opposition in meetings causing negative reactions.

The science behind how leaders connect with their teams 

Srini Pillay: Synchrony between leaders and followers leads to mutual understanding, cooperation, coordinated execution of tasks, and collective creativity.

Culture isn’t something you “fix"

Lorsch & McTague: cultural evolves as you put new processes or structures in place to tackle tough challenges.